Dragana, Masha and Nacho

Awaiting to welcome you to Mapiya Retreat are Dragana, Masha and Nacho (their friendly, four-legged shitzu). A mother-daughter team of unique life experiences including yoga, rock climbing, skydiving, canoeing, copious amounts of dancing and hiking trips, their latest adventure has been moving to the countryside to enjoy the peaceful lifestyle and fresh air.

Dragana and Masha seek to provide you with a place of freedom, tranquility and friendship.  The retreat is located on 25 acres of land that has a beautiful view over the Bay of Quinte, on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. There is a well-kept trail leading through the forest that brings you to the waterfront where you are welcome to swim, nap, practice yoga or simply relax and enjoy the sunset on the west side as the sky turns a dozen shades of pinks, reds and yellows. 

Their yoga journey began in 2011, when they discovered the benefits of incorporating yoga into their individual sports. After years of practicing yoga, Masha decided to become a certified yoga teacher. Since obtaining her certification, she has been focusing on hatha, vinyasa, restorative and ashtanga-styled flows. All classes are designed to suit the needs of our guests, with modifications to challenge oneself or to make a posture less strenuous. 

Mapiya Retreat is designed to provide a safe and open place for guests to learn about themselves, seek stillness, practice a healthy lifestyle and reconnect with nature.

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Nature is painting for us, day after day, paintings of infinite beauty.
— John Ruskin