Sweet or Savoury?... Help Us Decide!

Hey friends!

We need your help! We're in the Mapiya HQ kitchen playing around with recipes for our 2018 season and we want to hear your opinion on...

MUFFINS: sweet or savoury?!

We want to know what YOU want to see on your breakfast plate when you come visit us in Prince Edward County!

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Delicious Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Eating healthful, nourishing meals not only takes care of your body, but also fuels your mind and reconnects your spirit to the energies of the earth. Eating plant-based meals is good for the environment too! Bonus: it’s delicious. 

Just look at this grilled veggie sandwich! Grilled zucchini, eggplant and peppers on your choice of bread, with avocado for that extra creamy taste, drizzled with balsamic vinegar to taste.

You can add any other ingredients you'd like! Think along the lines of hummus, hot sauce, pesto,  mushrooms, onions, squash, tomatoes or anything else that suits your taste buds!

You’re welcome! ;) 

We’re excited to get our garden started here at Mapiya… there’s something so satisfying about running out to your yard and picking some fruits and veggies straight from Mother Earth herself! 

Gratitude! Abundance! Love! Health! 

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Tips to make time for yoga every day!

“ I don’t have enough time.” Does this sentence sound familiar? A large amount of people use this excuse for dozens of things, one of which is a reason to not practice yoga daily. Most of us who have taken a yoga class know that feeling of pure bliss we experience after walking out of a yoga class. We also know the immense benefits we reap from a daily and continuous yoga practice. So why don’t we “have time” for this blissful practice?

Though we’d like to aim for a full one to two hour class each day, even a 10 minute flow after crawling out of bed in the mornings or right before heading back at night can improve your health, mood and ensure you a more stress-free week. 

  1. If you don’t have time, make time. 
  • You’re not practicing yoga for anyone else’s benefit other than your own. You practice because something deep within you craves it - your mind, your body, your soul… or simply because you know it’s something healthy for your body. Ask yourself, why do you practice yoga? Use your answer to this question as your inspiration to make time forward practice. 

2) Keep your yoga mat handy. 

  • If you’re practicing after waking up or before going to sleep, keep your mat near your bed. Perhaps leave it open right beside your bed so that it’s waiting for you when the time comes to practice. Do you practice in your living room? Leave it on your couch so it’s in your way before settling down on your couch in the afternoon. 

3) Do yoga in bed!

  • Before you go to sleep or right after your alarm goes off in the morning try a few of these postures!
  • Sit facing a wall, lie back and slide your legs up the wall, moving closer to or further from the wall depending on how your legs are feeling. Relax your arms out to your side and breath deeply. If you’ve got discomfort in your hips, try placing a pillow beneath your hips!
  • Seated spinal twist! Seated side stretch! Pigeon! Seated forward fold (perhaps resting your chest on a set of pillows)! Childs pose! Supine butterfly! Supine twist! Happy baby! Fish! Knees-to-chest! Savasana - maybe not in the mornings…

4) Plan your flow! 

- If you’re not wanting to think of a new flow each day, plan a simple flow that’s at your level or find an online video, there are literally thousands on youtube!

5) Be understanding.

  • If you don’t make it to the mat every day, be kind to yourself. Sometimes we get thrown more than we can hold and juggling becomes difficult. Practicing yoga off the mat is equally as important as practicing the physical postures. Practicing stress-management, controlled breathing and a let-it-go attitude are all examples of what yoga is about: finding steadiness of mind in each action of our day. 

6) Practice breathing throughout the day.

- Seems silly right, we all breathe without even thinking about it. What I mean is I want you to truly breathe throughout the day. Be aware of your breathing during times of stress, notice your breathing before a big presentation or performance, is it short, hollow or ragged? Take a moment to inhale, deepest you have all day, and exhale long and steady. Repeat this as many times as you feel needed and notice your body, mind and spirit begin to relax and calm. 

If there’s only one thing you take away from this article, let it be this last part. Begin to see your life as a yoga pose, specifically Warrior lll. The first time you rise up into the posture, you may stumble over and fall, but you get right back into it and keep fighting for your balance. Just because you fell over once, that doesn’t mean you stop trying the posture altogether. Life is like that… we trip and we stumble. Maybe not aways with grace, but we should always keep fighting for our balance and keep on breathing through the challenges.

The Winter Blues ~

Ah winter… the time of year when a large portion of people go into hibernation and await the sunny, warm days of spring. As a self-proclaimed lover of winter; snowboarding, snowshoeing, playing with my pup (who can barely peep out of the deep snow), hiking, road trips, warm fires, delicious foods, staying in during snowstorms...  the one thing that gets to me is the fact that nightfall comes as early as 4pm. 

I try to get everything I need done by then because I know that my body will start thinking it’s bedtime after being in the dark for an hour or two and my productivity plummets. I guess it’s good that I’ve been going to bed around 10 as of late, I wake up earlier naturally, without that alarm blaring in the middle of a wicked dream. 

To me, winter is both the time to get outside and bask in the natural beauty that comes with it, and it’s also the time to stay inside, wrapped up in a warm blanket on the couch and feed your soul. Start a good book, play some games with family and friends, watch a film, play with your animal friends, eat and drink delicious foods, celebrate the holidays! 

Although the winter may seem cold, dark, almost dead at times, you have to keep in mind that when spring comes, all of the energy that was stored over the wintertime is blooming and winter is what allows many seeds to fully prosper. 

Think of yourself as one of these seeds. Though you may want to just cuddle up alone to be still and quiet, which is completely ok, don’t let yourself feel alone. 

Listen: to your mind, body and soul. Listen to you loved ones, as they speak about their lives, their hopes, dreams and plans. Maybe write in your journal, record your dreams. Just pour yourself out onto the pages. 

Fuel; your body with healthy foods. Fuel your mind with quality books. Fuel your soul by spending time with people who make you feel good. Deepen your relationships with people who matter to you.

Explore: what this world has to offer! Each season brings with it so many unique and beautiful qualities that it'd be a shame to just let them pass by without a second glance. Living in the countryside, I'm blessed to have a very white snowfall (no grey slush), however it's also a LOT colder out here. That being said, dress warmly, layer up, cover up your face with a good scarf or balaclava and go outside to explore! Take a walk and see what animals are out roaming the snowy world. Listen to some of the winter birds singing. Feel the snow pack as you take each step. Try snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, go tobogganing, make an outdoor bonfire, drink hot tea on your walk... the possibilities are endless!

Our world is ever changing and we should really learn to explore the beauty in it all, even if you don't feel like it, throw on your winter boots, bring some hot apple cider and go for a walk! You'd be surprised how good you'll feel afterwards.